Tailored to the healthcare and senior care community since 2006, SilverCensus is pleased to present our new platform for health and medical professionals unlike no other online. We hope you enjoy our newest addition and to bring the ever-changing medical community and ancillary services together in a uniquely visual mastermind community. This community is for the common goals of reciprocating business and collaborating with each other on cost-effective health and senior care for patients.

SilverCensus started with a problem. When founders Michael and Jessica were asked from patients and physicians alike as to best resources in the medical community, they did what many problem solvers did, educate the inquirer of localized health care options. Jessica coordinate care services in home care would gather, pamphlets of area nursing homes and ancillary service providers, while Michael would educate the physicians he networked with of the senior living and home care directory he worked diligently at night with his wife. There had to be a better way for consumers and healthcare options to be shared to benefit all in the ever changing web of medical information.

So in 2006 SilverCensus was launched and now refining the stale directory to now a vibrant community platform allowing licensed healthcare clinicians and senior care professionals to contribute to solving the ever changing, complex health care system. The evolution of social media the last ten years ignited the desire to create this medical community platform. Hope you enjoy our new healthcare platform HealthMedConnect.com where you can collaborate with like-minded healthcare professionals to grow your patient census!

Providing a strong solution
Use the platform to brainstorm unique business opportunities, share social events and connect with others whether consumers in a health care crisis or like-minded medical professionals who are in need of services like yours.

HealthMedConnect… a place where Healthcare Communities can share the common goals to streamline medical care and health news, events, services and products for the great good of quality patient care.

Whether you are an assisted living community with extra beds to fill or a home physical therapist looking for extra work, HatlhMedConnect community of medical and senior living professionals are here to help. And when you are discouraged and need to increase your census, HealthMedConnect is the best way for healthcare professionals to get inspired, discover marketing opportunities and to find and collaborate with the perfect tribal members to grow your census.

Creating a medical mastermind network of referable healthcare providers creates unsubstantial value to your health care organization as well as your patient census. Online networking allows you to seamlessly and efficiently suggest viable health care organizations grow and highlight their services and expertise. Track time and money saved and reap the rewards of having others in the healthcare community recognize your value and you as a wonderful resource. more than just giving random referrals. Referral networking has the obvious benefit of keeping patients in need of your services inside a tribe that you are part of. In a referral medical mastermind tribe, businesses refer to each other as long as there are no better options. People expect you to know your industry and other services in your industry. If you don’t know where they can get something that they expected you to provide, you don’t appear professional. But if you know exactly where they can get what they need, you look like a true expert.

Make connections and grow your personal brand…You! Explore our referral board as we have enabled a framework allowing you to work indirectly with other like-minded healthcare professionals and consumers in need of your business. Engage with like-minded Health and Medical Professionals. Exchange referrals and connect with other like-minded medical care gurus with similar interests and healthcare concerns. Share networking opportunities and post tribal members that make a difference to health care every day. Post moments share pictures to your profile or send private messages to colleagues and group chats on topics that are important to you affecting your business and your tribe