Q. How is advertising on HeatlhMedConnecdt different from traditional advertising?
A. HealthMedConnecdt offers some powerful advantages when it comes to medical marketing in healthcare. HealthMedConnecdt focuses exclusively on a highly relevant audience of medical professionals and healthcare providers with the common goal to network and work together in order to collaborate cost-effective, patient-centered healthcare solutions. Medical marketing opportunities is critical to selecting your patient census and focusing efforts to maximize business.

Q. What’s the advantage of joining HealthMedConnecdt Medical Mastermind Referral Network?
A. By joining our Health and Medical Community, licensed health care professionals and providers can seamlessly network and discuss local trends that effect the medical community. No cost to join our community, no risk.

Q. How can participating in a Mastermind Referral Tribe grow my business?

A. Referral marketing is about training your fellow mastermind tribe to refer to you. It’s an escape from traditional marketing but focuses on if and when a need arises, others will contact you. Becoming part of a Mastermind Referral Tribe offers a cost-effective manner to grow your medical organization and to provide consumers with alternative options to a problem which your business may not provide. A Mastermind Referral Tribe encourages effective brainstorming to real life healthcare problems allowing businesses that provide services to be a part of a solution. These problems will allow you to share your input and identify events that will provide you with good opportunities to meet the right people.

Q. Can I join multiple mastermind tribes at the same time?
A. Yes, members can subscribe to multiple mastermind tribes however after subscribing to five then there is a monthly fee for larger reach in the community.

Q. Why create a referral network?
A. The most obvious reason for giving referrals is the value it provides to your customers. If you can’t help a customer with a problem they have by selling the solution, at least you’re able to give a quality referral.

Q. What is the advantage of referring business to another provider?

A. Another simple reason to give referrals is the status it creates for you. When your peers see you as a solution oriented business mind referring healthcare challenges and seeking out you for your knowledge, they will look to you as a valuable resource to network with.

Q. Why post a blog?

A. Sharing quality content about your medical expertise and services helps identify you and your organization as an expert in your field. Posting articles rich with relevant informative advice can attract new patients and reminds existing patients of your continued value to the healthcare community.