Getting Started

Create an Effective Profiles
Express yourself on HealthMedConnect. Create your own personalized digital space in healthcare. Add area of expertise, services offering, interests, favorites, or whatever to your profile. Protect your personal branding. Create lasting business relationships and market your best assets…your knowledge. Broadcast changes and business requirements necessary to your healthcare model so like-minded health and medical providers can assess with ease and refer to you. Knowledge based business is empowering. By taking the time to build your comprehensive profile, you can help hundreds of individuals in need of services you offer find you. Invest in your online profile to create online business opportunities and become a resource. Contribute to service reviews to assist beginners to experts in healthcare of patient care services and options.

Let’s Connect...

Once you create your profile, take a close look of tribes in your area you can join. Contribute to the forefront in health care changes that impact your community. Collaborate with other healthcare professionals brainstorming allowing localized problem solving real time.. Be a part of a solution. Participate in interest groups and relevant news and events that matter most in your medical community.

Referral Marketing
Referral marketing is about training your fellow mastermind tribe to refer to you, if and when a need arises, they will contact you. Becoming part of a Mastermind Referral Tribe offers a cost-effective manner to grow your business and to provide consumers with alternative options to a problem which your business does not offer. A Mastermind Referral Tribe encourages effective brainstorming to real life healthcare problems allowing businesses that provide services to be a part of a solution. These problems will allow you to share your input and identify events that will provide you with good opportunities to meet the right people.

HealthMedConnect makes self-reporting easy. Health and Medical Providers can update in real time changes to their insurance provider plans and services. Our innovative social platform allows members to track their profile activity and measure your visibility.

24 x 7 Access
Real time connectivity at your fingertips. Network with other Health and Medical Professionals at your leisure. Meet, explore and connect with ancillary services that can help you grow your business.

Discover Providers

Providing healthcare professionals with the opportunity to network with local peers and similar like businesses.
You control your exposure. Communicate with health care providers that can help you grow your business. Effectively market yourself with localized health and medical peers. Proactively manage your personal brand and grow your network.

Intelligent Alerts and Automation
Be a part of the solution. Receive automated Alerts notifying you when someone’s in need of your business. Comprehensive reporting summarizes member’s weekly activity delivering the benefits of online networking with your peers.

Be A Resource – Create a Brand
Network with other health care providers as everyone is a referral source. Endorse, share business experiences and learn from others healthcare, exchange organizational goals and services and reciprocate as you get to know and trust each other's expertise.

Challenged by the complex world of finding an in-network provider in the ever-changing healthcare area? Unsure if a provider offers a specialty service? Feature your best assets so healthcare professionals can help send patients in need of services you don’t offer.

Pick the Right Partners

Select from like-minded area medical professionals geographically. Make the time to get to know other’s common goals and business model. By providing a digital community where like minded health and medical professionals can communicate will create an environment that generates higher patient satisfaction scores and more referrals from other offices. HealthMedConnect promotes Medical Mastermind Referral Groups “Tribes” where blog postings and feeds can be used to network with the medical community that shares common goals and interests for ultimate cost-conscious quality healthcare. Communicate and build upon the digital relationship in person.

Vantage Points

Pose your challenges, create a poll to seek out a problem or opportunity, and gather perspectives from the medical community with varying backgrounds and similar experiences.

Although our social platform holds no geographic boundaries, HealthMedConnect is currently expanding Medical Mastermind Tribes.

Whether you are a medical practice looking for an ancillary revenue solution, a home care provider exploring a feasibility study for an expansion, participating in a localized, like-minded medical mastermind tribal community can help your business save time and money. If you haven’t done so already, by participating in a mastermind medical community can build your credibility as a medical leader and fosters the trust in your organization and your professional reputation.

Digital Networking and Face to Face Meetings Go Hand in Hand

The ability to network with other healthcare providers give quality referrals has significant advantages. Not knowing whom to refer to an important contact can seriously undermine your credibility. The same applies to businesses and bloggers alike. Forward thinking leaders can connect and look to resolve weaknesses and help create management processes that minimizes health care risks.

Creating a network, of referable businesses, creates the most value to you and your customers – even more than just giving random

HealthMedConnect – A Nationwide Healthcare Referral Network – A Solution Driven Company offering a social platform where health and medical guru can collaborate and feature…you to consumers in need of your services.