Our Mission

Our mission is to provide substantial support for the health and medical community who are advocating, developing, and promoting local health and medical providers in order to encourage cost-effective, patient-centered care solution. HealthMedConnect saw a huge need for a more transparent health and medical marketplace.

Our goal is to make it easier for consumers and health/medical professionals to collaborate on real life health care needs for cost-effective patient-centered solutions.

By featuring medical professionals and healthcare providers, HealthMedConnect consumers and healthcare professionals alike no matter where you live. Health care professionals are encouraged to engage with consumers and other likeminded medical professionals and provide insight and suggestions attempting to navigate the convoluted health care arena.

By offering a comprehensive social platform that is user-friendly and promotes democratic interactions with other healthcare providers, collaboration allows for effective care coordination for cost-conscious real life healthcare challenges.

An interest-based online community of health and medical professionals looking to network, exchange referrals, and share care solutions amongst each other. Recreating new connections.

Health Care Tribal Members can promote their business and share real life experiences in order to help others through our supportive online community.
Allowing urban communities to engage and provide a real-time interface to make urban health care communities stronger. Community building to direct marketing, HealthMedConnect referral network helps consumers and health and medical professionals alike better understand what is going on in your health and medical community. Be a part of a healthcare solution, start collaborating today!

The key to a thriving healthcare model is to stay connected with patients, share experiences and develop a keen understanding of the specific needs by maintaining a razor-sharp focus on serving their needs.