Referral Networking

The digital age has evolved with four-dimensional marketing. The traditional approach of field marketing as the only venue to generate patient census is antiquated. Your business spends thousands of dollars each month for an introduction to other businesses that can augment sales.

Localized Healthcare Feeds
Empowering Fellow Medical Marketing Tribal Members to Market you.
Stay Connected
Get local and state feeds. Share your healthcare experience through photos and status updates.

Safe Space
Private messaging allows you to connect with other tribal members in your feed.

By participating in a medical mastermind network of referable healthcare providers creates unsubstantial value to your health care organization as well as your patients – even more than just giving random referrals.

Let’s face it, when potential patients do not have a recommendation from a trusted family member or a friend when it comes to healthcare, decision process turns to professionals online. Sometimes online searches can be the only options left in order to avoid a healthcare crisis. Finding a trustworthy resource and collective support from a localized medical mastermind group can help consumers find healthcare solutions to fit their ailments and medical needs.

Mastering the art of referral generation is all about training your medical mastermind tribe audience to associate your name with services you so that you remain on top of mind for when they are ready to use your services or come across someone they know who may need your help.

A referral networking platform like HealthMedConnecdt has the obvious benefit allowing you to acknowledge the source of a referral and serves as a friendly reminder of your services keeping patients in need of your services inside a tribe that you are part of. In a referral medical mastermind tribe, businesses refer to each other as long as there are no better options and a relationship is developed.

. People expect you to know your industry and other services in your industry. If you don’t know where they can get something that they expected you to provide, you don’t appear professional. But if you know exactly where they can get what they need, you look like a true expert.

HealthMedConnect offers a unique opportunity to reach an audience that is looking for your services. In short, our platform is a community of your colleagues and health care partners who yearn to be a problem solver and engage with others to make health care less fragmented.

Stand out in your business and leverage referrals into additional spin off business.

WHY JOIN HealthMedConnecdt?

Knowledge Based – Be a Problem Solver

Share your knowledge and help solve real life healthcare problems by offering patient care solutions. Brand your expertise and continue to attract patients and other medical professionals who will benefit from your services.

Effective Referral Management

Steer patients to cost-conscious care solutions for effective marketing and patient safety. By participating in a cohesive referral network, health care professionals with a common mindset of patient centered care is greater than the sum of individual parts. By working together, medical professionals can go further in addressing patients' needs — and be on the forefront of addressing cost-conscious patient solutions for positive outcomes.

We're HealthMedConnect!
Being a healthcare guru you have to be able to offer solutions to patients based on payor source and community resources. At HealthMedConnect we take care coordination to a different level. By joining our network, members can connect consumers and other like-minded health care professionals from hospitals to medical practices to services that increase revenue and effectively address patients’ needs first. Our strategic partners are dedicated, experienced and prepared to serve your needs.

HealthMedConnect finds that healthcare professionals that focus on patient centered care solutions are more apt to grow their business. Consumers and healthcare professionals alike view them as solution oriented organizations and able to generate qualified referrals to other ancillary services putting patient care first and for most